About Us

Marshall-Starke Development Center, Inc. (MSDC) is a Not-for-Profit organization providing comprehensive rehabilitive, vocational, and educational services to developmentally disabled individuals. In addition, a child development program is offered to non-disabled and at-risk children residing in Marshall and Starke Counties.


Marshall-Starke Development Center, Inc. was formed in 1965 by a small group of concerned and dedicated individuals striving to plan how to provide services and programs for the disadvantaged. Most of these individuals were themselves parents of children with a disability. With the help of the community and corporations, a building fund was established. In October of 1976, Marshall-Starke Development Center opened at 1901 PIDCO Drive in Plymouth.

In 1984, we made application to the federal government to serve as grantee for Head Start in Marshall and Starke counties. We continue today to sponsor Head Start, allowing economically disadvantaged children to receive early childhood education and ancillary services in both counties.

Again with the help of the community and grants, we were able to contruct Kaleidoscope Children’s Center in Plymouth. This facility built in 1992, serves as home to our Marshall County children’s programs which provides services for non-disabled and at-risk children alike.

Over the years, quality programs evolved. In June of 1994, Marshall-Starke and the Fulton County ARC, d.b.a., Manitou Center, merged to enhance and expand adult programs and services. In addition in 1995, Marshall-Starke purchased Real Products. This industry is housed in the Marshall-Starke workshop and manufactures wooded reels for the wire industry. While employing traditional workers, Real Products also provides job placement and work opportunities for individuals enrolled in Marshall-Starke programs. Marshall-Starke continued to grow with the addition of the Early Head Start program in 1998. The Early Head Start program provides services to pregnant women, infants/toddlers and families.

Through all of our programs and our continuing dedication to service, Marshall-Starke, Inc. strives to be a viable, marketable asset to the communities and individuals we serve.