Community Crossroads

Community Crossroads utilizes a combination of community-based instruction, including volunteer work, and facility-based instruction to maximize independence and vocational potential of adults with disabilities.


Each morning and afternoon individuals are offered a list of activities from which to choose their day’s agenda. The list of activities are designed to maximize a person’s independence in such areas as daily living, personal health and safety, socialization, communication, education, recreation, work attitudes and skills exploration. The volunteer activities emphasize the value of giving back to the community as well as placing an emphasis on becoming a valued member of their community.

Skills Learned

Whether services are delivered in the community or in the facility, Marshall-Starke is a large part of the lives of adults with disabilities. Lifelong friendships with peers are made, and positive connections with staff and others in the community are developed. Individuals learn skills, earn money, give back to communities, and develop positive self-worth.